IQ Puzzle Mind Game

NZD 17.38 NZD 13.04

IQ Puzzle Mind Game

NZD 17.38 NZD 13.04

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Basic information:

1. Packaging: plastic shrink wrap.

2. Item Size: about 17 * 10 * 2.5 cm

3. Enclosed manual: 1 manual

4. Material: high quality ABS

5. Puzzle challenges: 180 challenges in different difficulty levels

6. For age group: aged 6 & UP, suitabel for both young and old.


Description about this game:

This is a special mind-stimulating game. It’s easy and suitable for both young and old. All of age people will enjoy it. This game could train people’s thinking skill and challenge their mind. You could find joy and thrill from the 180 challenges in this game.


Benefits from this game:

1. Enhance memory concentration and creativity.

2. Boost IQ and improve perseverance in problem solving.

3. Foster closer parent-children relationship when parents participate.

4. Balance the mind hemisphere effectively.

5. An excellent aid for developing critical thinking.

6. Lengthen attention span.


How to play:

Choose a challenge from the manual, place the fixed position of colored beads on the triangular platform as shown in the manual. The player then use the remaining beads to fill up the “black spaces” to form a “colored triangular platform”.

There are 180 challenges in total, 176 challenges in 2D triangle format and 4 challenges in 3D pyramid format.


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